how we help

3 thirty differentiates itself from other retail companies by providing the shoppers with a unique experience. A select collection of products are offered each campaign which is thirty days long. During the campaign, 3 thirty supports and promotes 3 causes that fall under the following diverse categories: humanity, animals and environmental.

step 1: choose your cause

3 thirty will donate 20% of the profit from your purchase to the charity of your choice*. 


step 2:  shop 3 Thirty 

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step 3:  share

Support the cause further by sharing your support with the world. Show what you stand for by showing your colors. Wear the colors of your cause everyday with a 3 thirty bracelet, apparel or the 3 thirty bag. Don’t forget to share your story online. Inspire through your words and your actions.

step beyond:get involved

3 thirty’s mission is two fold. Besides supporting charities through donations, 3 thirty generates awareness and encourages action in resolving global causes. The 3 thirty movement is about living a lifestyle where responsible buying (buying cause-based products) is the norm and consideration and support for humanity, environmental and animal based cause is second nature. We believe that one person can make a difference, and a community can change the worldBe part of the movement.

*there are 3 charities, per campaign (30 days), that shoppers can choose from. One environmental, one humanitarian and one animal related. Charities are preselected before campaign starts. Non-profits can be recommended or suggested by filing out the non-profit partner form.

Everyone has a unique passion and 3 thirty wants to support your passion. That’s why we support 3 types of causes; environmental, humanitarian and animal related. You get to choose what type of charity receives your support.

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