The concept of W.A.S.T.E comes from the goal of wanting to live a more conscious and eco-friendly life. 


How it started:

In Late December 2016, BE THE RAD member Natalie Salinas and founder Krystal Berry returned from a hiking trip in Joshua Tree National Park feeling empowered and inspired to do our part to help protect places like the park as well as all our favorite outdoor playgrounds. 

After a long discussion of how we can live a more sustainable life, we started to get overwhelmed with the fact that we do so much every day that is not sustainable and we thought it would require a big life change to truly call ourselves eco-friendly and sustainable. We started to get discouraged and concluded that it was too much work and we probably wouldn’t make a big enough impact to ever see a positive change anyways (not really BE THE RAD type of thinking.. but it gets better).

I am sure that this feeling of being overwhelmed is what a lot of people feel when they are looking to change something in their life. After we stopped freaking out about everything we needed to do we started to realize if we tried to do something drastic all at once we would indeed most likely fail. However, the key to changing your life is to take realistic, meaningful baby steps. 

Baby steps to being more sustainable means that we would start making it a habit to think sustainably every day. To help us, and anyone else who wants to be more sustainable, remember to take small steps every day we came up with a positive and memorable acronym — W.A.S.T.E

 (Suggestion: save this image on your phone or print and put in your wallet)