caloni - 3 Thirty outdoor and fitness ambassadorWho are you and what are your interests?

I am an adventurous girl who was born and raised near the Sequoia National Park in California. I spent most of my childhood in the outdoors and playing sports. I have a passion for fitness, including anything active in the outdoors such as mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, paramotoring, skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, etc. I also balance my fitness with strength training at the gym.


What do you think makes you rad (talents, volunteering, going after your dream, helping others, etc?)

Truly living life to the fullest by leading an active, outdoor lifestyle makes me rad. My mission is to live life and love life simultaneously. Being rad also encompasses so much more than focusing on the life I have created for myself. Giving back to others, the community and the environment are also other important characteristics that make me rad


Why do you want to represent 3 Thirty?

3 Thirty is a lifestyle brand that I support and whose mission mimics my lifestyle. I am always trying to help others improve their lives. I seek to encourage people to be adventurous, fit, healthy and most of all—happy. By representing 3 Thirty, I can help spread 3 Thirty’s message to encourage others to live an active, outdoor lifestyle while giving back to the community and environment.


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