Brooke Attfield - ambassador
Who are you and what are your interests?

I am a 17 year old ambitious mountain girl who has a passion for adventure. I live in a small town called Morinville in Alberta, Canada. Im currently completing grade 12 and hoping to go to post-secondary next year. My life consists of playing many sports, going to school and having good times with my pals! I love the Earth and all of the beautiful people, plants and animals it contains. I live for breath taking views and adrenaline rush.

What do you think makes you rad?
I’m rad because I always choose to take the path less travelled by. I love people and I think that all the rad ones need to unite and make a positive impact in our world. I’m always down for anything and I put 100% into it! In the hot summers I love hiking, cycling, wake boarding, wake surfing and field lacrosse. In the snowy winters I enjoy skating and skiing but I am almost always shredding on my snowboard! My favorite place to go is either the beach to see the ocean or the Canadian rockies. When Im not out adventuring I like to bring my creative edge and play my guitar or draw and paint.
What is your favorite charity and why?
My favorite Charity is Greenpeace. I love this charity because I love nature and am so thankful for everything the Earth gives us. Greenpeace Stands up for our planet no matter the issue! I cherish oceans, forests and wildlife and I believe that generations to come should have the same experience.
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