Rachel for be the radHi My name is Rachel Slack, I’m 19 years old and stationed with the Marine Corp. A few interests of many include any sports, especially surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding, hiking, car meets, and traveling. What’s rad about me is that I love giving back to my community and getting others active in it and traveling to new destinations. The Car group I belong to loves to try and get people from our community active and we also go to shows and benefits to help support organizations. Another one is Surfers Healing that I love to work for every year as we give parents with autistic kids a day for themselves as we teach autistic kids how to surf, this camp is a free camp that is supported by donations. My dream is to be a Pro Surfer and travel the world. So far I have the travel down and am sponsored by small brands for surfing, however, I’m soon moving with the military and hoping to go to HI, or CA to get noticed. I love to represent brands that also represent me and my active lifestyle that is one reason I was to represent 3 Thirty. I enjoy bringing others out into the community to discover new opportunities and also for them to learn to be active but also enjoy it for themselves too.