The Surfing for Life Philosophy

*Surfing for Life Foundation is based on five basic principals:

* Attitude (finding a meaning)

* Gratitude (spiritual)

* support (friends and family)

* Diet & exercise

* Modern medicine

*Our Commitment:

*To pay it forward, educate, offer hope and have some fun while doing it.  One wristband at a time…

SFL bands - beach

How You Can Help:
Shop on our online store and select People Cause.
Buy their wristbands on our online store
Donate directly to the Surfing for Life Foundation
Legends & pros that have supported SFL Foundation:
Barry Kanaiaupuni, Gary Elkerton, Rob Machado, Renny Yater, Peter Mel, Jake Burton (Burton Snowboards), Al Merrick, Corky Carroll, Doug Haut, Kate Chandler (pro kite boarder), Felipe Pomar, Jon Jon Florence, Greg “Pnut” Galinsky (artist), Sebastian (Sea Bass) Zietz, Bob Pearson, Chuck Graham (photographer), Matt Moore, Shaun Tomson, Mike Tabeling, Drew Kampion (author) & Wee Man for lending us their wrists. (Source:

SFL Instagram Gallery:

  • Name of Organization: Surfing For Life
  • Mission: The Surfing for Life Foundation is a non profit charity based on hard work, love & dedication. We help bring the surfing community together to raise awareness, inspire, educate, and empower those touched by cancer
  • Founded: 2012
  • Supporters: 22,000 surfers wearing wristbands
  • Their Website: