Are You Ready for March Radness?

Are You Ready for March Radness?

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Dudes, it’s March!!

Count down begins for our unofficial official “Be The Rad” day which is on March 30th (the date is 3/30 — get it!)

So “Be The Rad” day is an opportunity to grow awareness of what YOU do to “be the rad you want to see in the world”.

Be The Rad is our life motto here at 3 Thirty and it means something different to each person. What does it mean to you?


While you are thinking of that here is a list of 3 Things to do on #betherad day!

1. Be extra kind to everyone you meet

2. Go on a hike

3. Workout harder than you ever have before

4. Help out someone

5. Send out good vibes only

6. Make a meal and give it to someone who is homeless

7. Foster an animal

8. Volunteer at an animal shelter

9. Donate to an animal shelter

10. Try a new sport or hobby

11. Plant a tree

12. Tell the ones you love, that you love them

13. Go surfing

14. Do a beach or park clean up with friends

15. Plan an epic adventure

16. Sign up for that class you have been wanting to take

17. Be fearless

18. Help out your parents

19. Try to master a new trick

20. Support a charity

21. Buy goods and apparel from conscious companies — check out this list for ideas

22. Commit to living healthier

23. Get outdoors and explore

24. Support a friend who is working on a project

25. Do something you are scared to try

26. Buy cruelty-free products

27. Fundraise for a cause

28. Shred harder than before

29. Take a minute to count your blessings

30. Write out a list of 30 things you could do to BE THE RAD


Whatever you do, take some photos, write about it, share your experience and tag us so we can give you a shout out.

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