3 Thirty is Now Listed on Shop Conscious

3 Thirty is honored to be listed on Shop Conscious, a site dedicated to linking conscious consumers with conscious companies.


3 Thirty on Shop Conscious

About Shop Conscious:

Here, you’ll find companies that are “doing good” all across the spectrum. We’ve scoured the internet to find companies both big and small that are doing awesome things. They are companies that consist of people that have huge hearts and are extremely passionate about what they’re doing. Fair Trade, Eco-friendly, Vegan, and Giving Back are just a few of things that these kinds of companies focus on.

Buying conscious, eco-friendly, or ethical clothing hasn’t always been fashionable. This site is here to help show you that in this day and age, you can be a conscious consumer and still look great!

Feel confident in the purchases that you make from these companies. Know that when you buy from a company listed on Shop Conscious you’re using your purchasing power for good.



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