3 Thirty has a social group called ‘RAD SCTY’ that is made up of rad people who support the causes we love through promotion, volunteering, living a conscious lifestyle, respecting the environment, being kind to others and embracing our passion for surf/skate/snow & outdoor adventure.

Depending on location (proximity to individual members), RAD SCTY will volunteer at various, eclectic events including sport related competitions, conferences and expos, charity fundraisers, walk/runs, concerts and other similar events that raise awareness and or funds for environmental, humanitarian and animal related causes.

We also team with other organizations and social groups, to promote an active and conscious lifestyle. We stay informed, we have fun and we do good.

Recent Events 3 Thirty RAD SCTY attended:



If you want to be a part of something positive that makes a difference, here is how you can get involved*:

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  • Collaborate (become a partner)
  • Support our Campaigns by Shopping and Sharing
  • Volunteer with the RAD SCTY (sign up form below)


(*This is a social group of like minded, rad, individuals who want to connect, promote causes and support various charities by volunteering and spreading the word. We only meet in person to volunteer and/or participate in an activity i.e. surfing, skating, paddle boarding, etc. There is no membership, no fees, no obligations. We are not bound to a particular location. There are no chapters, yet, as of 2014).

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