Why are you a for profit and not a non-profit?

3 thirty operates on a philanthropic capitalism business model. We believe that a for profit company can operate and be successful while giving significantly to charities to help build them up as well. We choose to be for profit so we can by pass restrictions that can hinder us from being creative. W we have more freedom in giving internationally, investing in developing causes, and more agility to move money quickly to the people who need it. As a for profit, we can sustain itself and grow without having to rely on charity ourselves. It is a win-win business model.

How much does 3 thirty give to the charities involved in the 30 day campaigns?

We donate 20% (of the net profit of each item sold) to the charity selected during time of purchase. That means the profit after deducting the cost and time that went into creating the product selling and shipping it.

Why do the items that support two or more charities cost more than the average items?

Why are the items that donate to two or more charities more expensive?
3 thirty will divide the 20% donation evenly for the two or three causes selected. In order for each charity dividing the percentage to benefit from the purchase.

Why does 3 thirty donate only 20%?

It is simple, 20% is a lot better than 5%, 10% or 15%. We choose to give the maximum amount we can give (20%) while still generating enough revenue to pay our dedicated staff, cover overhead costs, produce custom products, fund our campaigns and cover all other costs that come along with a young growing company.

Can I purchase a product for a charity that is not part of the campaign?

The collection of products change from time to time so follow us and or subscribe to our member list for updates on new merchandise and charities. After the 30 day campaign is over, three new charities will be featured on the site and in stores. In order to stay organized and fair to those involved in the campaign, charities must fit a specific criteria (i.e. 501(c) status) to be featured in the campaign.

How much is shipping?

Shipping & handling is free for most items. 

When will my purchase be shipped?

Each campaign is 30 days long but for the sake of easy we end the campaign at the end of the month and start a new campaign the first day of the following month. Once you have ordered your item it will be customized and shipped off to you. Your item should arrive 7 to 10 business days after your payment is received. If an item is on back order, you will be notified right away and you have the option to select a different item or wait for the item you originally selected to be available (an additional week would be added on to the shipping time).

What is your return policy?

We want to keep our supporters happy, so if you simply do not like the product for whatever reason, you have 30 days to exchange* your item for another item (must be equal or lesser value) or a refund* minus the amount for shipping. If you receive a damaged product we will work with you to exchange the item at no extra cost to you or refund your money within 14 days.
**For a refund, the returned item must come with the receipt (invoice), the tag it came with and must not have been used.
*Exchanged item is for a product of equal or lesser value

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