PictureAbout Day One

Day One is a community-based nonprofit organization with a 25 year history of providing effective, high quality and culturally-sensitive public health education, intervention, policy development and environmental prevention efforts.

Day One grew out of a collective vision of concerned community leaders in 1987. Their vision was spurred by the drug epidemic in Pasadena and Altadena, especially among youth and in the Northwest area. Since then the organization has become a leader in youth advocacy and community health in the San Gabriel Valley.



Day One builds vibrant, healthy cities by advancing public health, empowering youth and igniting change.




A community-based organization with over two decades of service in the realm of public health promotion and policy, Day One plays an active role in community organization, policy development, advocacy, and youth and community empowerment.Programming is based on recommended strategies that have been proven effective through research by organizations like the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Our prevention work is thus multi-focal, and includes information dissemination, prevention education, alternative activities, problem identification and referral, community organizing, and environmental approaches.
Day One offers a wide range of programs that enhance youth leadership skills and recognize the contributions of locally active and engaged youth leaders.
These include:


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