Join Us & Share Your Story.


What is it?

The BE THE RAD movement is an awareness building campaign. We are building awareness of our life mantra “BE THE RAD YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD”.

BE THE RAD means something different to each person so please join our movement and share with the world what “BE THE RAD” means to you.
How can I join?
It’s easy!
Simply post a photo and comment of you doing what makes you rad while holding up a sign that says BE THE RAD.
This can be you hiking, exploring, surfing, swimming, skateboarding, volunteering, doing good, having an adventure, being kind… Whatever it is that makes you an awesome person.
Here is a picture of Krystal (the founder) in her backyard veggie garden.
BTR campaign 2
Check out the photos tagged with #BETHERAD on Instagram and Facebook for examples.
Where do I post?
You can post as many times as you like on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to tag @BETHERAD and #BETHERAD so we can see your post 🙂
When does it start?
It will start July 25, 2016 officially and then run through September.


What sign do I use?
You can create your own OR you can download one we created. Here is the link to download



What is an example of what to put in the comment of my #BETHERAD post?

Ex. “What does BE THE RAD mean to me? It means to inspire others to do what makes them happy”

Ex. “What does BE THE RAD mean to me? It means to go after my dream of traveling the world.”

Ex. “What does BE THE RAD mean to me? It means to starting my own business”

But please feel free to get creative!

You can also share details about us. Here is a quick summary

@BETHERAD promotes living an active lifestyle and doing good along the way. Join the movement and show the world what #BETHERAD means to you.
How many times can I post?
You can post more than once throughout the campaign of course. We would love that. Hopefully everyone’s posts inspire others to live their own version of #betherad
We will be posting on both Instagram and Facebook.
Please remember to tag us @betherad and #betherad
Do I win anything if I participate?
Since this isn’t a contest and we are not selling anything there is no reward or compensation for participating in this awareness building campaign BUT we will make sure to send some good vibes your way.
On a separate note, if you already signed up for our newsletter you will get a code for a % off shopping our online store (which supports awesome charities). If you want a sticker, we can send you one. Just sign up at this link
Check out our campaign rules and policy for more details.